Create your own features with visual scripting

Thanks to the Flopress visual scripting editor, you are able to use a full range of concepts and tools, usually only available for developers.


WordPress core functions and hooks

Get access to all predefined actions and filters. Use WordPress functions in both yours hooks and templates.

PHP code generation

Flopress defines object-oriented (OO) PHP classes that quickly run your scripts and don’t store code in the database.


Copy, export and import features between websites and be more efficient.

Dynamic templates

A template is a dynamic text-content model that can generate any text-based format (HTML, XML, CSV, JSON, etc.).


Easily create powerful shortcodes.

Third plugins compatible

Since Flopress supports native WordPress system, it is compatible with all major plugins.

Versions verification

Flopress checks your version of WordPress (in order) to provide compatible components only

Functions verification

Flopress checks components before code generation.


Add your owns hooks and functions definitions to use in visual scripts.

Visual scripting components

WordPress hooks and functions

Use most of all WordPress functions and hooks in your scripts.


Get information on branch(es), loop(s) and other basics needed to build your scripts.

Local variables

Create different types of local variables.


Arithmetic operators are used with numeric values to perform common arithmetical operations, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication etc.


Comparison operators are used to compare two values (number or string)


Logical operators are used to combine conditional statements.

Advanced rendering

Modern template engine

Execute statements, such as for-loop, if, and more !

Use functions in templates

Get direct access to the key WordPress functions in the templates.

Endless possibilities

Create static or dynamic contents (HTML, XML, CSV, JSON, Javascript, …) and drag them directly into your flow scripts.

Global data & settings

Multiple field types

Set data as string, number, post picker, media picker and many more…


Set and share data between your actions, filters and shortcodes during the execution of the script.


Define some data as setting and edit it directly from the Flopress dashboard. No change of flow is required.