One-click install and limitless customization possibilities!


With Flopress Pro, you have access to a great deal of ready-to-use features, directly available on your WordPress administration page.

Add a short text just after a post content
Insert some text, images or ads just after a post
Add a custom body class for mobile
Add a custom CSS body class using wp_is_mobile
Advanced Custom Fields simple template
ACF demo. Past your fields definitions inside the "fields" template and customize the "display" template to output your content.
Redirect author archive link to any page
It is good practice to redirect the author page to another page if it's not used
Change the text of the on-sale badge
Customize the text and look of the on-sale badge
Login screen logo and colors
Change the login logo with yours and set the background and text colors.
Keep logged in WordPress for a longer period
Extend the time of the WordPress login session
Hide the ACF admin menu item
Hide the Advanced Custom Fields menu item called ‘Custom Fields’ on your staging or production sites.
Load jQuery from an external source or CDN.
Load jQuery from an external source to increase the loading speed (default value : Google CDN).
Shop description
Add a shop description underneath the Shop title
Display the users IP address
Display the users IP addresses in posts and pages using a shortcode.
Empty cart message
Customize the message when the cart is empty.
Display credit cards
Add Credit Card Logos to the WooCommerce Cart Page.
Change the default email sender
Customize the sender details by changing its from email address and name.
Replace shop page title
Change the shop page title in WooCommerce
Remove the theme editor submenu
Disable the theme editor and all other editors submenu from appearance section.
Register an ACF options page
Register an Advanced Custom Fields options page with custom page title, menu title and slug .
Redirect to checkout page after add to cart
Automatically redirect to checkout page after adding product to cart.
Remove the screen options tab except for admin
Remove the screen options tab for everyone except the admin or users with the manage_options capability.
Add custom favicon
Add a custom favicon to your website
Remove the screen options tab
Remove the screen options tab completely.
Disable the password reset feature
Disable the password reset feature from the login page.
Products message
Add a message above the main image on the single product
Custom javascript in header or footer
Add a custom javascript script in header or footer. Simply edit the javascript template inside.
Add new Gravatar image
Easily add a new avatar image.
Strip HTML tags from the title
If you don’t need HTML tags in title and only want the plain text.
Remove URL field from WordPress comment form
The perfect way to discourage spam is to remove the "Website" or "URL" field entirely from the WordPress website.
Custom dashboard logo
Want to white label your WordPress admin area? Adding a custom dashboard logo is the first step in the process.
Disable the default widgets of WordPress
If you do not need the default WordPress widgets, you can simply disable them to prevent them from being loaded by WordPress
ACF Google Map API key
This feature allows a Google API key to be set
Disable the Plugin and Theme Editor
Disable WordPress file editor, it can be dangerous!
Change add to cart text
Change the default “add to cart” button text in WooCommerce
Custom css in header or footer
Add a custom css in header or footer. Simply edit the css template inside.
Display a QR code with a shortcode
Generate any QR code with a simple shortcode. [qrcode width="500" height="500"][/qrcode]
Display dashboard in a single column only
Active this feature to display the dashboard in a single column only.
Logout redirect to home page
Redirect to the homepage after user logout.
Gutenberg Table of contents
Display a table of contents automatically generated from titles with a simple shortcode. Smooth scroll, offset and scroll duration. example: [table_of_content /]
Hide login errors
Login errors in WordPress can be used by hackers to guess whether they entered wrong username or password. Make your login area more secure by hiding login errors in WordPress.
Populate a ACF field’s choices with a custom list.
Add options to a select field’s choices. This feature works also with radios and checkbox. Customize this feature to dynamically add options with your own script.
Extra contact methods for user profiles
Add extra contact methods to user profiles under the "Contact info" tab.
Shortcode template
An empty feature to help you to start with shortcode creation. Dynamic shortcode name via settings. Simply edit the "shortcode_template".
Disable emojis
Disable emojis from loading.
Mask WordPress version
Want to remove the WordPress version number from your site? Simply add this feature.
Register a new image size.
Add a new image size.
Add new file types to be uploaded
Security is the main reason behind the limitation on file types that users can upload. Using this feature, you can allow new file types and extensions to the WordPress.
Remove Welcome panel from dashboard
Welcome panel is a meta box added to the dashboard screen of WordPress admin area. It provides useful shortcuts for beginners to do things on their new WordPress site.
Show X Results on the Search Results Page
If you want to change the default number of search results returned, simply add this feature.
Disable XML-RPC
In WordPress 3.5, XML-RPC will be enabled by default. Import this feature to disable XML-RPC.
Disable login by email
Disable login by email in WordPress by adding this feature.
Google Analytics tracking code
Display the Google Analytics tracking code in your website.
Obfuscate email addresses
Spam bots are constantly scanning the internet in order to find emails to spam. This shortcode will obfuscate email adresses. No really secure...
Show an urgent message in the admin area
Add the following feature to show an urgent message in the admin dashboard.
Quick maintenance mode
Quick maintenance mode. It returns a 503 Service unavailable header code.
Enable shortcodes in widget
By default, WordPress does not execute shortcodes inside text widgets. To fix this you need to simply add this feature.
Google font
Change the base font of your website. See for more informations.
Prevent automatic image compression
By default, WordPress compress jpg images when they are uploaded. It saves bandwidth and loading time, but sometimes you may prefer to have full quality images.
Add custom dashboard widget
Display a custom widget in the WordPress dashboard. Edit the Content template inside to change the widget content.
Hide the WordPress Update Message
Sometimes you want to delay updating to the latest version of WordPress until you’ve had a chance to create a new backup. This feature will hide the tempting update message that shows up in the header.
Deactivate shortcodes
If you no longer need certains WordPress shortcodes, this feature help you to disable them.
Disable RSS feeds
Not all websites need RSS feeds. If you want to disable RSS feeds on your WordPress site, then add this feature.
Change excerpt length
WordPress limits excerpt lengths to 55 words. Add this feature if you need to change that.
Private content
Add private content that only registered users are able to see. [private_content] Only registered users see this [/private_content]
Replace words in your posts
Automatically search and replace words in content and excerpt.
Change background color
Change the background color of your website.
Font Awesome (Free version)
Load Font Awesome and provide a shortcode to easily display icon. See Font Awesome for more informations.
Disable auto-save
To disable WordPress’ auto-saving functionality, simply add this feature.
Register new menu
Registers a custom menu in the custom menu editor (in WordPress 3.0 and above). This allows administration users to create custom menus for use in a theme.
Change admin footer message
Change the message 'Thank you for creating with WordPress' by anything you want.