How to create and manage features?

As a site administrator, you can install/uninstall and manage features from the All Features Screen (Flopress menu)

Add a new feature

There is three ways to add a new features :

Import from Flopress library

Toggle the pane by clicking on the “library” button and import features via the “import” button.

Define settings if needed by clicking on the settings button (cog) and activate the feature.

Import many features easily.

Create new feature from scratch

To create a feature from scratch, simply click on the “add” button, fill title, categories and description. After creation, select the “edit” option to start building the feature with visual scripting.

Add new empty feature

Import from file

Features can be imported and exported between websites.
In the feature list screen, click on the “more” button and select export.
This will generate a raw file of the feature.
To import, click the “Import feature” button on the toolbar and select the previously exported file.

Import and export from a local file

Manage existing features.

Toggle respectively the play and stop buttons to activate and deactivate.

Click the cog to display the settings window and edit the informations (and eventually the feature parameters).

The Pen tool starts the edit function in visual script mode.

In the advanced menu, the following options are available :

  • Copy : Open the dialog to set the informations of the new feature (Parameters should be set later through this dialog).
  • Delete : Remove and eventually deactivate the feature.
  • Export : Export to a local file.

To rearrange features, simply drag them to the desired position.