What is a feature ?

A feature is a standalone piece of code that handles the WordPress native mechanism. Flopress makes easy to create features without knowing a single line of code.

Features are composed with the following element

  • Hook scripts (actions and filters)
    Hooks are used to literally hook into parts of the WordPress page to retrieve, insert, or modify data. They can allow us to take certain actions behind the scenes.
  • Shortcode scripts
    Shortcodes simplify the use of features in WordPress.
  • Templates
    Tempaltes can generate any text-based content like HTML, CSS, Javascript, …
  • Data items
    Data items are used to define settings fields or to share value between flow scripts.

When activated, Flopress generates an object-oriented (OO) PHP classes.


if (!defined('WPINC')) {

class fpc_5c7bfeacc5c51
	private $fpv_5c7bfeaccac5c = array();
	public function __construct($params = array())
		if (array_key_exists('8382a99aff2f0941c3c6b531c1d7978d', $params)) $this->fpv_5c7bfeaccac5c = $params['8382a99aff2f0941c3c6b531c1d7978d'];
		add_filter("upload_mimes", array(
		) , 10, 2);
	public function fpf_5c7bfeaccae74($fpv_5c7bfeaccae8c, $fpv_5c7bfeaccae90)
		foreach($this->fpv_5c7bfeaccac5c as $fpv_5c7bfeaccaf43 => $fpv_5c7bfeaccaf63) {
			$fpv_5c7bfeaccae8c[$fpv_5c7bfeaccaf43] = $fpv_5c7bfeaccaf63;

		return $fpv_5c7bfeaccae8c;