What is Flopress ?

Flopress is a suite of integrated tools for WordPress developers & integrators to design and build features without writing a line of code. You can do many things with FloPress like making WordPress more secure, updating post data, creating Shortcodes or whatever you want.

Why use it ?

Because it’s much easier. By linking native WordPress mechanisms together, it is possible to deal with many situations that do not require the installation of a complete plugin to use a small part.

  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to learn
  • Portable
  • Rapid development
  • Focus on stuff that you have to care
  • Much more clear
  • Handle programming errors
  • Never forget the semicolon again


No prior programming is required. If you have worked with WordPress before, you will discover that it is very easy to add your own custom features.

A basic understanding of mathematics (order of operations, addition, subtraction, multiplication) will facilitate comprehension of certain coding logic.


Tons of time-saving features can be imported easily and each feature can be cloned, imported, exported and edited.

Pick features and install in one click

Example: dupplicate the “New image size” feature to register multiples image formats.

Create or customize

Flopress allows you to create features that meet your exact needs in just a few minutes. No need to change the theme code or add a plugin.

Flow scripting example