Data & settings

Data items are properties that hold a value. These properties can be accessible directly in the flow scripts (drag & drop), or they can be made accessible in the settings dialog, so that their values can be modified by administrators without having to edit the feature.

Data items can be created in a variety of different types, including data types – such as Boolean, integer, and float – as well as reference types for holding things like media or post links. Arrays can also be created.
For each data type, different field types are available (Used to set the default value and displayed into the settings dialog).


If the value of a data is updated by a flow script, the new value is accessible in the next called scripts. This way, it helps you transmit data between action, filter and shortcode scripts. The updated value is not a persistent saved data and it is accessible only during the execution of the feature script.

Example : you can mark a boolean value when running a shortcode, then check this option to eventually display a Javascript code in the footer. In this way, Javascript code is only rendered if the shortcode is used.


If the “Settings” option is enabled, the field will be available in the Settings dialog box and can be used as a parameter.

To make a data item accessible in the Settings dialog box, enable the “Settings” option. Define the name and possibly the description. Use the weight value to order the fields.

Example of a settings dialog